Our Company

Breath Therapeutics is uniquely suited to develop drug-aerosol therapeutics in pulmonary orphan indications.

  • Founded 2016 by drug-device specialists from PARI Pharma, a world-leading nebulizer and aerosol therapy company.
  • Series A financing closed in 2017 and raised 46 million USD. 
  • Fully owned spin off asset is inhaled Liposomal Cyclosporine A (L-CsA) for the treatment of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS), a lethal rare respiratory disease that affects over 25,000 patients world-wide.  
  • L-CsA is phase 3 ready and creates a market opportunity in BOS for the first in class approved therapy with sales potential over 1 billion USD.
  • Next pipeline product with breakthrough therapy potential in respiratory orphan disease is already identified.

Founders and management combine specialized skills in drug formulation and manufacturing,  drug delivery into the lungs, clinical development and commercialization.

Board of Directors

BREATH is financed by a Top Tier investor syndicate. A Series A financing round raised 46 million USD in 2017. 

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